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Crafting a better experience to help non-profit employees achieve their loan forgiveness goals.

Custom Software for Non-Profits- Ed Portal | Wajusoft Case Studies

Services rendered

Product design
Software Development


With the aim to increase efficiency for users and reduce drop-off rates, PeopleJoy decided to upgrade its systems and this includes a lead gen tool, a user portal and a CRM tool. Wajusoft was in a good position to achieve these goals and without any hesitation, we committed to the project.

The first part of the project we took on was the user portal. While paying attention to the business needs, it was essential to create an atmosphere where our users can navigate the system with little or no help, hence, making their journey through the system something we can easily call a self service and an easy task.

At the same time ensuring that users have adequate access to help and support, should they need it at any time.

The problem

The visual design of the User Interface is inconsistent, outdated and does not meet up to industry standards. The information architecture does not properly present necessary and useful information to the users.


To redesign the User Interface and general User experience to follow the new brand guidelines (colors, typography etc.) and ensure consistency in the process.
To create engineer an architecture that helps users navigate the system with no hassle.
Custom Software for Non-Profits- Ed Portal | Wajusoft Case Studies
Custom Software for Non-Profits- Ed Portal | Wajusoft Case Studies

Methodology - Agile

In order to cater for good communication, collaboration, and iterative development, we employed the agile methodology which aided us in efficiently and rapidly accomplishing the project goals. By embracing this iterative and flexible approach, we were able to adapt to changing requirements, collaborate effectively with stakeholders, and deliver high-quality results within tight timelines.

The Outcome

With Wajusoft's innovative tech solutions and UI/UX Design services, we delivered a product that is both intuitive and user-friendly, lowering the drop-off rate as a result.

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