Lead Generation tool

Recreating an already existing lead generation tool for user satisfaction

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The Lead Gen Tool was a significant project within PeopleJoy's Ed product lineup, aimed at enhancing user experience and functionality. We conducted thorough research to understand industry standards and user preferences. With this knowledge, we meticulously designed and tested the tool before moving on to development. Our focus was on creating an intuitive user interface and ensuring optimal performance. Through rigorous testing and iterative feedback, we refined the tool to perfection. The launch was carefully planned, accompanied by comprehensive training and support resources. The result is a Lead Gen Tool that delivers a superior user experience and stands out among industry platforms. In summary, the Lead Gen Tool project involved research, design, testing, and development to create a user-friendly and high-performing tool. We followed industry standards and incorporated user preferences, ensuring a seamless experience. The launch was accompanied by extensive support resources. Overall, the Lead Gen Tool offers enhanced functionality and stands as a testament to PeopleJoy's commitment to delivering excellence in the Ed product lineup.

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The challenge

The visual design of the User Interface is inconsistent, outdated and does not meet up to industry standards.
There is a sizable amount of drop-offs as a result of Users getting bored and not sure of their progress in the form filling process.


To redesign the User Interface and general User experience to follow the new brand guidelines (colors, typography etc.) and ensure consistency in the process.
To create an experience that keep users engaged and improve efficiency of user interaction, with accessibility requirements in mind.
To also evaluate our design based on certain heuristic requirements in order to measure up with industry standards and practices.

Design system

  • One of the issues addressed was consistency. In order to achieve consistency across board, it was important to create a functional design system that will cater for every component and elements across board. Elements like typography, colors, spacing, buttons, input fields, components etc. are tokens accounted for in the design system.
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