Borderless Finance

A suite of tools to improve the financial health of users, including secured lending, credit reporting, credit building, and other financial products.

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Borderless Finance is a financial product, designed to provide customers with a suite of tools to improve their financial health, including secured lending, credit reporting, credit building, and other financial products. By offering a comprehensive set of features, Borderless Finance aim to provide customers with the support they need to build credit, improve their credit score, and access affordable credit.

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The problem

Immigrants are faced with a new credit system which is totally unknown to them. They have to build a "credit score" by taking a credit card which will put them in more trouble if they do not understand how to use it.


To create a financial app that will grant users access to secured lending in order to create an avenue for them to start their credit journey.
This app will also educate customers and help them navigate the credit system in Canada in order to build a credit history and subsequently, a healthy credit score.

Methodology - Agile

  • We are a cross-functional team, including software developers, UX designers, quality assurance specialists, and product managers, collaborating seamlessly to tackle the project's objectives. With a comprehensive product backlog, sprint planning meetings, and stand-ups, we ensured a focused approach, while continuous integration and deployment streamlined development.
  • Regular feedback loops from stakeholders allowed us to iterate and incorporate changes swiftly, while sprint review meetings and retrospective sessions ensured continuous improvement. Embracing the Agile methodology's flexibility, we effectively adapted to changing requirements without disrupting the project timeline, resulting in a feature-rich, user-friendly, and reliable finance mobile application.
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